Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online is the next generation of PC multiplayer shooters where you can enjoy the ultimate military shooter experience, for free. Step into the boots of an elite Ghost and deploy cutting-edge weapons and technology as you link up with your Ghost squad to dominate your enemies on tomorrow’s battlefield.

Find your own style while playing Ghost Recon Online. This game is not your average shooter. You can select from three available soldier classes: Recon, Assault and Support. Every class has their own unique technological devices that provide you with enough tactical support that will allow you to dominate your enemy. There is a roster of 40 different weapons to choose from, all of them being fully customizable, offering the player millions of different customization possibilities. Tactics are also key for survival. You need skills and tactical thinking if you want to succeed. Running and gunning will get you nowhere. Ghost Recon Online is a game with a unique cover system that allows you to take advantage of the terrain to achieve victory. Coordinate with friends and/or squad mates and deploy your advanced technology while maneuvering across 9 unique maps. Ghost Recon Online supports clan development as well. Create your own clan, form a team and compare your teams stats with others. Push your team to the edge by competing in intense international competitions.