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Tome: Immortal Arena Tome: Immortal Arena Tome: Immortal Arena Tome: Immortal Arena

TOME: Immortal Arena

TOME: Immortal Arena is a brawler MOBA built for non-stop action. Heed the call of The Mediator by choosing a Guardian from one of the six domains: Creation, Death, Water, Air, Earth, or Fire. Tired of waiting for the fun to begin? In TOME the excitement starts at level one. Join the fight at the seat of the Mediator in the Coliseum (3v3). Conquer the wilds and take on the Behemoth in Sanctuary (5v5). Explore a new take on MOBA gameplay in an upcoming 7v7 map.

TOME: Immortal Arena Key Features

Fast Matches – Drop your plow and stop farming! Jump right into the fight; most matches last less than 20 minutes.

Buy Items And Heal In-Lane – Never feel tethered to your base, purchase from the front-line without leaving the action.

Use Your Abilities Without Fear – Abilities have short cool down timers so you can focus on battle, not a mana bar.

Empower Your Guardian – Unlock powerful Relics and Blessings to increase your prowess in battle and complement your team’s composition.

Master the Roles – Find your niche in one of TOME’s role combinations. Are you a methodical Tactician, a bloodthirsty Slayer, a Tank rushing into the thick of the fray, or a tower-destroying Pusher?

Tome: Immortal Arena

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