Tome of the Sun is a free to play mobile action MMORPG set in a vibrant fantasy world. Experience a game which blends questing with customization options, fast paced combat, and multiplayer action! Create a character and get into the fight. Explore more than 100 challenging dungeons in search of epic loot, and even the Tome of the Sun itself. Play with friends and against foes in everything from cooperative quests to clan wars! Learn the stories of this land as you explore and grow. Engage with both this fantastic land and other players as you travel throughout the Sun Kingdom!

Tome Of The Sun Key Features

Choose Your Path - Choose from Duelist, Archer, Knight & Mage hero classes. You can play up to four characters on one account, so try them all!

Summon Powerful Pets - Collect a powerful team to lead onto the battlefield. Evolve your mightiest pets to Legendary status.

Real-time Action - Attack and evade in fast-paced action combat. Be ready to attack when you can and dodge when you must, or else!

Epic Story Mode - Explore more than 150 different dungeons and search for epic loot. Can you fight your way through them all?

Customize Your Character - Personalize your character with more than 1000 different customization options. Be who you want to be!

Multiplayer Fun - Play in Clan wars, Co-op quests, PvP matches, and Arena assaults to gain rewards and status.