Toram Online is a free to play Japanese fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices with sandbox gameplay and a skill-based, classless character advancement system. Create a character and build them however you like; you may choose which skills to learn, and which ones to train and advance! An ancient cataclysm left the world's surface drastically altered, with four different groups emerging when the dust and debris settled. Enjoy true open-world freedom as you wander this patchwork land, meeting its people and learning its story. Along the way, you will find secrets, explore the unknown, and even venture deep underground, where dangers and treasure lurk.

Toram Online Key Features

Play Together - Toram Online is a social game, and lets you play with friends from all over the world. Work together to explore the world and face its challenges. Whatever you like to do, you'll never need to do it alone.

Customize Your Character - There is no class system in Toram Online; your character's strengths and weaknesses are dictated by skills you choose and use! You can even choose from more than 50 billion appearance combinations!

Lots To See And Do - Explore the world and meet the people. Complete quests and tasks, earning rewards and strengthening your skills. Dive underground to face off against dungeons full of horrors, and much more!