Torn, is a text-based sandbox browser and mobile MMORPG set in Torn City, a vast city with a dark and murky criminal underworld where only the sharpest survive. In this free-to-play online game you can be anyone and do anything, provided you've got the guts, the brains, and the luck. Torn is a true sandbox; you can do whatever you want. Players are free to attack one another on sight, or to try and make friends, or to even simply ignore everyone around them - but be warned, they may not be so willing to ignore you. Text based games are great fun, and many players grow very dedicated to the genre; come see why tens of thousands of players log in and play every day!

Torn Key Features

Be You - This game offers unprecedented amounts of player freedom; you can do whatever you want! Build your character to your liking, tailoring their strengths and weaknesses and play it your way!

Active Community - With a large, worldwide community, Torn is a true MMORPG. Meet other players and join them, or attack them, or marry them, or compete with them... there are no limits.

Choose Your Path - Will you pick the path of the fighter, the criminal, or the executive? How about a sergeant in the army, or a brain surgeon? How dirty do you want your hands to become? Are you the sort to hospitalize an adversary for a few bucks? Torn City is no place for the meek!