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  • Total Battle
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Total Battle

Total Battle is a browser-based epic fantasy strategy game with instant unit travel, a deep political system, exploration-focused missions, and much more. You awaken in a forest, in the company of a handful of your most trusted advisers and warriors. An attempt on your life has been made, but it failed; however, your family is dead, your throne is usurped, and your city has been taken from within and burned. Pharaoh, your most trusted adviser, has betrayed you, but his days are numbered. You need to take action! Retake your city with the help of your loyal captains. Slay Pharaoh and his supporters. Then, catch your breath and prepare for the real game to begin. This is your kingdom.

Total Battle Key Features

Rebuild Your Kingdom – You must rebuild your city, amass your army, and refill your treasury. Do not waste time; enemies abound, eager to pounce at any sign of weakness. Plan your city and manage it well!

Seize The Power – Amass powerful forces through recruitment and training. Enhance their abilities with powerful items forged from materials taken from long lost tombs and dungeons. Strengthen your forces’ resolve with gifts and titles, and lead them to victory.

Forge Alliances – To win a battle is good, but to never need to fight in the first place is better. Diplomacy will get you a long way! Join forces with other players to defend against common enemies and work towards common goals.

Instant Action – There is no long wait for your forces to arrive at their destinations in Total Battle. Your mages have learned how to instantly transport your armies near their destination so that battle may be quickly joined.

Win The Throne – Every week, fierce battles rage for the right to sit upon the throne. However, it isn’t enough to merely sweep the field; you must also be voted in by a council of other players. Politics AND power determine who reigns supreme!

Total Battle


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