Total Domination is a free to play military strategy game with an emphasis on massive battles. After years of brutal civil war, the United World Empire has crumbled into thousands of independent Sectors locked in a struggle for resources and power. Just remember; you're not alone in your fight for Total Domination. Others want control too, and are willing to fight for it! Face off against players from all over the world as you stake your claim in this shattered land. Can you defeat all your enemies and achieve Total Domination?

Total Domination Key Features

Go On The Offensive - From your private military base in the wasteland, you will need to manage your reserves, harvest resources, and build an army capable of crushing your rivals. Can you lead your force to victory?

Prepare To Defend - Defense of your Sector will depend upon the strength of your Defensive forces, along with the number and advancement of your Technologies, Emplacements, and Improvements. A good leader must be able to both attack and defend.

Become A Total Commander - You will master strategy, diplomacy, logistics, and warfare while navigating a battlefield of shifting alliances and rivalries. There is no mercy here, only opportunities and enemies.