Total War: ARENA is a free to play, all online team based strategy game, putting teams of players in the middle of fast paced realtime battles. Total War: ARENA is the game for RTS fans, with real time 10 vs 10 battles and armies numbering in the thousands on the field. The Total War series has a long established reputation for epic RTS action, and Total War: ARENA builds upon that foundation while also incorporating some elements of modern MOBAs. With each player controlling a famous historical commander, as well as 3 units of up to 100 men each, Total War: ARENA lives up to its name; this is Total War!

Total War: ARENA Key Features

RTS With MOBA Elements - Players each control an iconic commander - from Germanicus, to Alexander the Great, to the Warrior-Queen Boudicca, and many others - who leads their army which consists of 3 units of men. Your commanders and men will level up, opening up new units, new weapons, new skills, and new ways to win!

Built For Hardcore RTS Fans - With thousands of player controlled troops under player control, myriad strategic and tactical options, and beautiful custom made battlefields, Total War: ARENA is designed with the hardcore RTS fan in mind. Select your favorite commanders from across history, select units which complement them and your team as a whole, and water the ground with your opponent's blood!

Tactical Depth - With 10 vs 10 battles, teamwork and strategy are key; you and your teammates must work together to form cohesive armies and to execute effective strategies if you wish to command the field. The fast paced action and beautiful graphics in Total War: ARENA ensure you will be kept on your tactical toes!