Total War Battles: Kingdom is a cross platform, free to play real time strategy game for PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet featuring a persistent world. Total War Battles: Kingdom is set in the tumultuous 10th century, as Europe begins to emerge from the Dark Ages and new kingdoms and nation-states begin to coalesce from the preceding chaos. Players in Total War Battles: Kingdom step into the shoes of a shrewd young noble, eager to make their play for power. You must restore your lands, amass wealth enough to raise an army, and learn the arts of war if you hope to have any chance of claiming the throne!

Total War Battles: Kingdom Key Features

True Cross Platform RTS - Total War Battles: Kingdom is being released for PC, Mac, Android and iOS tablets and phones; players can now get their Total War fix anywhere, anytime, on whatever device they choose!

Bite Sized Battles - Designed to be a game people can play during whatever spare time they have, Total War Battles: Kingdom features easy to find games and quick gaming sessions, perfect for gamers on the go.

Build Your Own World - Build a world from scratch, and decide what terrain features you want, where you want them, and more! Build cities, alter the flow of rivers and more as you shape your own kingdom.

Massive Battles - Lead massive forces into fierce battles, but remember that quick thinking and solid judgement are more important than sheer weight of numbers!