Total War: ROME II is an epic historical strategy game which immerses you in the stories and drama of mighty Rome, her emperors, and her enemies. This is the second game in the award winning Total War franchise to focus on Rome, and it offers more intrigue, more war, and more strategic depth than any would-be emperor could hope for. Take command of one of three rival Roman families, or step into the leathery shoes of one of Rome's enemies. The territories of Rome are divided. The leadership of Rome has fragmented into squabbling factions. And the enemies of Rome howl at every gate. Can you forge a powerful empire from this chaos and retain control of the known world? Or will you and your house fall under the daggers of assassins or the spears of barbarians?

Total War: ROME II Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Choose from a number of powerful Roman emperors and their houses, from Octavian to Marc Antony, or play as one of Rome's many rivals and enemies; Egypt, the Iceni, Dacia, Armenia, and many others.

Secure Your Power Base - Build up a strong base by managing resources, amassing a powerful army, and wisely choosing who to ally with - and who to rise against. The world is yours, if you can only take it.

Fight For Control - This is a time of war, and the bold and wise shall claim the spoils! From an epic story mode campaign, to matches against other players, conquest and bloodshed are certain - at your hands, or your enemies'.