Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is an epic real-time strategy game which focuses on the power struggles and near constant warfare of the Dark Age British Isles. Anglo-Saxon kings vie for control, fighting against one another. Gaelic clans hang on, struggling to maintain control over their homeland. Welsh Tribes refuse to relinquish control or a bit of the spoils. And Viking settlers work to carve out a foothold and grow wealthy from the bounty of Britannia, while the Viking Sea Kings raid the coasts. This is a critical point in history, and you can determine what happens! Choose your faction and fight for control, and claim the wealth of the British Isles for your kingdom and its people!

Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia Key Features

Epic Strategy And History - The year is 865 AD. There will be treaties, and there will be war. Manage your units and your infrastructure. Lead offensive battles while defending your own strongholds. Push back all who oppose you and unite Britannia beneath your crown!

Explore And Conquer - From the snowy highlands of Scotland to the lush valleys of Kent, the length and breadth of Britain awaits. From small villages to mighty castles to moors, forests, and more, the land offers unique strategic and tactical opportunities.

Warlord, Chief, Or King - Each of the factions plays differently; embark on Viking expeditions for loot and glory, or manage the peasants and farms as a Saxon king. Whichever you choose, you'll be provided different tools and opportunities. Play as King Alfred of Wessex, Flann Sinna of the Gaels, Guthfrid of Northumbria, and many more. Ten different rulers await!