Total War: Three Kingdoms is the next installment in the Total War epic strategy series, and this time, immerses the player in the turmoil of ancient China. The Han Dynasty is failing before the child emperor, though it is the warlord Dong Zhuo who really wields the power. As Dong Zhuo's power and prestige grow, so does oppression and tyranny. As this brutality spreads, the empire slips further and further into chaos and anarchy. However, all is not lost; three brave heroes who can stop Dong Zhuo have appeared, rallying support against the warlord. Coalitions are formed, allegiances shift, battles are raged, and the future of China hangs in the balance.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Key Features

An Epic Time - The Three Kingdoms period is one of the most fascinating times in history, and you can make your mark! The future of all of China will depend on you and your actions.

Stake Your Claim - Build your kingdom and your forces and prepare for war; only cold steel and hot blood can unseat Dong Zhuo. The risks are great, but so are the rewards.

Alone Or Multiplayer - You can play in single player or multiplayer modes, whichever suits your fancy. Team up to overcome the enemy, or fight against your friends; this is Total War!