Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, also known as TABG, is a parody of the popular Battle Royale genre of shooters which have so recently taken the world of gaming by storm. Dive into a fight for... something... between a bunch of physics-based weirdos on a strange isolated island. Be prepared; everything is buggy, nothing makes any sense, and you will probably never see who kills you. Originally designed as an April Fool's joke, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds lets you jump onto an island from flying trucks, seek out weapons, and fight to survive... and you will look so, so silly while doing it.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Key Features

Dive. Fight. Die. - Like any good battle royale, you dive from a flying vehicle - a truck, but that doesn't matter - onto an island, where you must find weapons and fight to survive. But, uh, the similarities end there.

Physics Based Everything - When you die, it is physics based. When you dive out of an aircraft, it is based on physics. When your body goes flying through the air like a rag doll because you got blown up - you guessed it, physics.

So So Accurate - Totally Accurate Battlegrounds delivers a Totally Accurate battle royale experience! Countless deaths, glitches and bugs, and bullets that curve around trees are all mixed with silliness to add humor to all this Totally Accurate Accuracy.