Town of Salem is a free to play browser-based mystery-solving MMO, which focuses on the residents of a small town caught in an intricate web of lies, deception, and murder. A group of from 7 to 15 players are randomly assigned alignment-like roles - Town residents, Mafia, Serial Killers, Assassins, and Neutrals - and the Town residents must correctly track down and identify the villains before the villians kill them. The hook is that players have no way of knowing what alignment the other players are! The evil players - Serial Killers, Mafia members, and the like - must secretly murder the other players in the dark of night, and try to avoid being caught! If you're accused of being a villain - whether you actually are or not - you'd better be able to weave a convincing story of innocence, or it's off to the gallows for you!

Town of Salem Key Features

Many, Many Roles - The Townspeople, Mafia, and others have many different roles to play, from Doctor to Serial Killer, from Mafia Consigliere to Arsonist! Each role has a special bonus that you can use to defend yourself, find the killers, and more. Roles are selected randomly for all players in a game; you never know who is who, or even who you will be, until the game begins!

A Game Of Mystery - You have no idea the true natures of the people around you; all you can do is try to use your role's ability and your powers of deduction to stay alive! You need to watch out for other criminals as well as paranoid townspeople, who think nothing of hanging a few innocents along the way, as long as get the bad guys!

Safe By Day, Deadly By Night - During the day, the Townspeople are free to move about and discuss the goings-on, accuse people and bring them to trial, and otherwise conduct their business. At night, however, the criminals and killers take over; will you make it through the night?