TOXIKK is a buy-to-play FPS that combines the simple and intuitive mechanics of old-school FPS giants with a fresh setting and slick graphics. With a vision to carefully evolve the genre with some new ideas elaborated with Arena-FPS enthusiasts, it is the spiritual successor to the arena shooters of the late 90s and early 2000s. With no leveling, no skill-trees, no perks, no cover systems, no classes, no configurable weapons and no iron sight aiming, TOXIKK creates a true FPS experience like it used to be.

TOXIKK Key Features

Equal Chances for All Players - After each daeth, you respawn with a melee weapon and a basic pistol. All of the other weapons can be picked up while you play, giving everyone equal opportunities for greatness. Though the game features an XP system, it is only used for match-making algorithms and to unlock new cosmetic skins, but do not change your stats or abilities at all. Your rank shows how experienced and skilled you are, and not your character.

Classic and Massive Maps - Classic Maps offer fast-paced gameplay in a small to medium-sized map of up to 8 players, while Massive Maps feature more strategic gameplay in bigger environments for up to 16 players. Massive Maps include vehicles such as gliders, attack-bombers, hoverbikes and other ground vehicles, whereas Classic Maps do not.

User Generated Content - All players can apply for a free SDK to build their own maps in TOXIKK. Players may vote user-generated content to be made available through a central hub, and this content will then be offered completely free of charge.

Bot Mode - You don't have to jump into the player vs player action immediately with the Bot Mode, which allows you to practice your skills offline.