Trailmakers is a creative vehicle-building rally racing sandbox, set on a distant planet where players have the freedom to create the vehicle of their dreams and explore a huge open world environment full of dangers. You and your friends can try your luck building your own vehicles to cross a dangerous wasteland. Explore, crash horribly, use your wits to build a better rig, and get as far as you can with whatever spare parts you find on your way.

Trailmakers Key Features

Build It And Drive It - The core of the game is its intuitive, easy-to-use builder, which allows endless construction possibilities. Players scavenge a desolate canyon for discarded vehicle parts to juice up their rig in order to progress further in their expedition. Deep gorges, angry wildlife and all kinds of weather will require building and rebuilding vehicles to suit the current setting.

Endure And Overcome - Expedition Mode is the challenging survival mode of Trailmakers. You have volunteered to join a DIY off-road rally expedition in a distant world. With only a few building blocks, you must build, tinker with and juice up your machine.

Explore And Create - Creative Mode is where you want to head for an unrestricted, sandbox, vehicle-building experience. Here you can build anything you can dream of, and play around with it in the world of Trailmakers. It is a great place to test out crazy machines, and experiment with the physics engine. With tons of different blocks, hinges, thrusters and interactive vehicle parts - the sky is not the limit.

Travel With A Friend - Trailmakers is even more fun if you play it with a friend. Put two seats on your vehicle or race each other towards the next checkpoint - it is up to you. Both Creative and Expedition Mode support multiplayer. Whether you team up or go head to head, you're in for a rough ride.