TrainStation is a fun free to play railroad simulation game for browser and mobile where you can build trains, send them to various destinations, build your own train stations, and take on various missions and achievements. There are Local Trains, which earn you materials and gold, and International Trains, which allow you to ship your own materials to your friends or to contract partners. Work your way through various contracts for some awesome rewards! TrainStation is a social networking game with role-playing and tycoon elements, set into a stylish 2D environment. It is created for a wide audience of casual players and tailor-made for the social networking features of Google+ and Facebook.

TrainStation Key Features

Evolving Game - Become a railroad magnate and enjoy the largest collection of trains from all periods. Begin with the oldest steam engines and improve to the latest maglevs. Whether you´re a collector or just admirer, TrainStation guarantees you an exciting experience.

Train Simulation - The whole game is about loading/unloading trains filled with resources or passengers/mail, allowing you to buy building for your train station. Aside from the trains you bought and sent manually, you can collect resources from many other sources.

So Many Trains - With over 2000 different types of locomotives, from the earliest 4-4-0s to the most powerful modern diesels and electrics, TrainStation allows train lovers all over the world to use their favorite types!