Travian: Legends is a free to play MMORTS game set in the Dark Ages, set in a world so vast it takes the fastest rider days to cross it. Enter the world of the Teutons, Romans, and Gauls, and then you lead your small force from humble beginnings to world conquest. The world runs by a complex web of player interactions, and your relationships with your neighbors will shape the future of your kingdom. Raid your enemies' settlements for resources and riches. Build a modern nation rife with wonders of the world. Expand your empire to all corners of the globe by the point of the sword! Travian: Legends offers you the chance to write your own legend; how you do so is up to you.

Travian: Legends Key Features

Build Your Empire - From the first stones laid in the humblest village to an empire so vast the sun never sets on it, you're in command every step of the way. Every building, every soldier, every monument is yours to create.

Multiplayer World - You and thousands of other players share the land, and each one of you wants to claim power. Trade with your neighbors - or raid them. Form alliances or wage wars. Whatever you do, you'd best consider your neighbors' reactions.

Wage Wars - No matter how diplomatic they are, sooner or later every nation must fight. History is carved from the bloody soil of the battlefield, and you'd best be prepared to lead your forces to war. From quick raids to all out sieges, might makes right.

Legendary Land - The shared world of Travian: Legends is vast, and there is much to do. Discover lost artifacts, colonize resource-rich remote realms, and build actual wonders of the world. Are you ready to write your legend?