Tree Of Life offers a very dynamic MMORPG game experience, immersing players in a living, breathing, changing fantasy world. In Tree of Life, the game world is populated by thousands and thousands of players, each one shaping the world and the course of events with their actions and decisions. Players do not slog through mind-numbing quests and repetitive, boring tasks. Instead, players take part in a dynamic economy and interact with other players, making virtually every game experience player controlled and created. In Tree of Life, players experience the action, they do not sit back and watch it!

Tree Of Life Key Features

Dynamic World - The game world in Tree of Life changes constantly, with every change the result of the actions of you and all the other players. The sun rises and sets, civilizations rise and fall, forests grow and are cut down. What you do truly shapes the world!

Build A Civilization - Construct a cabin to live in, or better, build yours near other player's cabins and begin to build a village. Over time, great cities will rise and fall, and societies may wage war on one another, pillaging for resources

Lots To Do, Lots To See - Gather resources. Go fishing. Build a cabin. Raid a dungeon. Build a warrior who tends a farm, or a magician who also happens to be an expert swordsmith! The versatile skill and build system lets you be who you want to be!