Triborn is a text based fantasy indie MMORPG where you explore the land and follow hints and tales to unlock the secrets of a mysterious and mystical people. Long ago, an adventurer and traveler named Trystan acquired a magical medallion which hinted at the true nature of the Vuln, the mystical people of children's stories and whispered legends. Trystan sought out answers, and his quest took him across the world; now, you step into the role of a traveler following in his footsteps! Get ready for a text based game with immersive storytelling, a wonderful world to explore, and more than a little danger!

Triborn Key Features

Unlock The Secrets - As you travel around the world of Haveland, you will find loads of artifacts and relics of the mysterious Vuln. Examination and experimentation will lead to answers - and further questions!

A Wide Wild World - Explore a wide world full of secrets, new people and new places, and discoveries. Every new area offers new opportunities to learn more about the Vuln.

Loads To Do - Chop down wood and build a farm. Go in the woods and hunt, forage, and explore. Pick a lock, craft a sword, or simply hang out and chat with friends; Triborn is a true sandbox experience.