Trigon: Space Story is a roguelike indie sci-fi game set in a procedurally generated universe.

After choosing from a diverse array of creative spaceship designs, players can customise their vessel with a staggering selection of weaponry and a bespoke spacefaring crew. On their interplanetary journeys, players will need to navigate their way through hostile territory and fend off space pirates in tactical combat. Decision making plays an important role in Trigon: Space Story, and each star ship captain will have to choose wisely should they wish to uncover the galaxy's mysteries.

While sporting an enthralling single-player narrative campaign, Trigon: Space Story is designed to be highly replayable, thanks to its procedurally generated universe, myriad decisions, and dynamic events. No two intergalactic adventures are the same. And it's replayability may well be a boon, because death in Trigon is permadeath. It will take a true strategist to overcome the galaxy's challenges.

Permadeath raises the stakes, making every resource invaluable and every decision crucial. Will you upgrade the weapons systems or the shields? Will you spend your fuel exploring abandoned colonies to capture resources or looking for opportunities aboard gigantic space stations.

Trigon: Space Story - Key Features

Stunning Space Ships: While classic human spaceships are available, they're far from the only race or models on offer. You could opt for an energy efficient Etari ship or a bio-mechanical Rakkhi if you're eco-conscious. Alternatively, show the galaxy your technical prowess with a cutting edge Taertikon craft. Each of the four races behind these ships have their own characteristics, technologies and philosophies.

Ship Command: Amongst your customisation options, assigning the most apt crew to the most important tasks is tantamount. With the perils of space to deal with, you need everything on board running like clockwork if you're to stand a chance.

Cataclysmic Arsenal: Over 100 weapons are available at your disposal, from turrets and lasers to plasma cannons and deployable space drones. Special abilities add even more punch. After completing key quests or defeating powerful enemies, players will unlock unique powers such as telepathy, hacking, battle fury, and extrasensory perception.

Choose Your Destiny: Will you play as the iconic benevolent hero-captain, as a dastardly space pirate holding freighters to ransom, or perhaps as an antihero gun-for-hire? From the social interactions, to the battles, to the galaxy itself, the auto-generated world of Trigon, lets you write your very own space story.