Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Planet Earth after World War III that is now controlled by mutants. Players in Trinium Wars fight the mutants and each other to obtain the rarest and most precious substance on Earth; trinium. Players can side with, and fight for, one of two rival factions; the human forces are trying to reclaim their home planet, which they had to leave after the devastating consequences of World War III. Players in Trinium Wars can also join forces with the Narc, an alien race who were forced to leave their own planet after defeating all of its resources. Either way, be ready to fight, and ask yourself; is trinium worth dying for?

Trinium Wars Key Features

Two Unique Races - Humans and Narc each have unique styes and stories. Which side will you choose?

Unique Environments - This post apocalyptic world is vast, and offers many regions with unique challenges and environments

Vehicles And Tech - Command tanks, robots, helicopters and more in mission mode.

Player Driven Economy - Players control the economy in Trinium Wars; goods may be freely purchased and sold through the Auction House.

Base Building - In base building mode, players can construct buildings to produce weapons, goods... even new skills!

MOBA-Style PvP - Participate in special battle arenas which unlock at level 10

Faction-Based Wars - Up to 1000 people can fight at one time in faction-based Resource Wars!