Truck Nation is a transport strategy game which can be played in your browser for free just like Rail Nation. In addition to the railway manager Rail Nation, Truck Nation is also developed by Bright Future. Truck Nation is primarily about setting up your own trucking company and carrying out transport orders. The aim is to gain control of as large a portion of the map of the game world as possible.

Realistic game maps in Truck Nation

The new browser game is played out on realistic maps so you can drive over well-known highways instead of fictitious roads. The ultimate aim of the game is to beat the powerful and soulless trucking company, “The Corporation”.

“Truck Nation uniquely combines the challenges of a transport game with an extremely exciting strategy element, where you’ll also have to deal with the dark side of the business,” describes the Lead Designer Gerald Köhler.

In the first quarter of the coming year, Truck Nation will be launched to the market as both a browser game and as a mobile Android/iOS app. All three versions will offer the same functionality, meaning you can enjoy the game in a browser and whilst on the move without having to put up with any limitations.