Turf Battles is a free to play PvP based fantasy MMORPG with a mission to provide an unrivaled PvP experience for its players as they fight for control of precious turf. Create a character and enjoy constant battles with other players. Join a tribe and try to capture turfs in order to farm for gems and other valuable items. Then work with your tribe to defend the land in order to retain control of it. With a unique play-style that pits players against each other to become the strongest in the world of Fomalhaut, only the most powerful and sure warriors will achieve fame and valor. Are you fit to be among them?

Turf Battles Key Features

Create Your Character - Create your character and get into the action. With a wide array of special skills and abilities to use and more to learn, there's no limit to the battles you may one day win!

Join A Tribe - Join a player-made tribe and work together to expand your holdings. The more turf you hold, the more money you can make... you'd just be ready to defend it.

Fight For Turf - Whoever controls the turf controls the riches it contains, and everyone wants to be rich. You and your friends will experience knock-down fights for control of precious turf. Can you hold yours?