Twelve Sky 2 is a fast-paced 3D martial arts fantasy MMORPG set in Ancient China, and loved by players all over the world. Prepare to explore an imaginative world packed with showy martial arts skills as you delve into the intricate oriental tapestry of Ancient China. Join one of a number of warring clans, and fight for the glory and prosperity of your house. Engage in combat from simple exploration, to demanding raids against the toughest bosses, to the intensity of PvP action. Hone your skills and customize your character, and fight exactly the way you want to!

Twelve Sky 2 Key Features

Intense Combat - Form parties to defeat huge boss monsters. Hourly Wars prepare players for larger battles by allowing you to practice in specially balanced maps. Fight in epic Clan vs Clan battles, where scores of players fight each other in the ultimate slaughterfest. It's all about the action!

Never Stop Growing - Martial Arts techniques are varied and numerous, but you must be fluid and instinctive when it comes to responding to threats. In addition to strengthening yourself, you can strengthen your weapons. Precious raw materials can be scavenged from the corpses of fallen monsters. These can then be enhanced to form valuable reinforcing and combining materials, to strengthen your gear and weapons.

Customize Your Game - Vanity Gear is available from the Item Mall, and when 4 of these costumes are equipped in a full set, a Warrior may activate Gold/Silver Scrolls to gain a boost to the 4 combat stats. The title system is a PVP centric system that improves a player's attribute damage and defense after they have attain each title. You can even build your own house. Up to 50 warriors may join a house, to band together with like-minded individuals to share battle tactics and the spoils of war!