Twin Saga is a free to play, anime styled fantasy MMORPG set in a land torn asunder by a war between rival deities, and featuring freely swappable character classes. Fifteen years ago, two goddesses fought a war which would determine the ultimate fate of mankind; one goddess wished for humanity to continue, and one did not. The benevolent goddess lost, and now it is up to you to step into the role of a hero and prove that mankind deserves to endure, and that it will endure. With beautiful anime styled graphics, the freedom to switch your skills and class at any time, a huge world to explore, and so much in the balance, Twin Saga is an experience not to be missed!

Twin Saga Key Features

Immersive World - With beautiful graphics, likeable characters, and an engaging story, Twin Saga will draw you in. Help prove to the gods that humans deserve a place in this world!

No Fixed Classes Or Skills - You have the freedom to change your classes or skills anytime, anywhere; while questing, while resting, while exploring. Will you choose to focus on one path or style, or branch into them all?

Player Housing - Invite friends over for a party in your own cottage, which you can freely decorate. Make it your own!

Combo-Based Combat - String together your skills and moves, and adapt to changes on the fly! Master powerful ultimate moves and really deal out the damage!