Tynon is a free to play fantasy MMORPG which lets players enjoy both traditional MMORPG gameplay as well as tactical mechanics, a roleplaying game with strategy at its heart. As you march to free Tynon from the grasp of evil, you'll do battle in a unique environment where your formation, hero selection, gear and experience will all play a part in the outcome. You must help the brave knight Rosaline rescue the king and bring peace and safety to all thirteen kingdoms, but the task before you is not easy. Remember, a shrewd tactical mind can extract victory against great odds, while a careless rush can lead to defeat!

NOTE: The website for Tynon is still online but the most recent news post or update is 4 years old as of August 2018. The game appears abandoned.

Tynon Key Features

Story Driven Epic Adventure - You must lead Rosaline on her quest to rebuild the imperial city and save the thirteen kingdoms, and as you do, you'll recruit and upgrade other heroes, find new equipment, and much more!

Exciting Combat - Action-based combat is to be found everywhere, from single-player quests and content to the PvP arena. Go head to head against other players in various PvP modes!

Build Your Own City - Build your own kingdom, complete with a capital city that you can design and upgrade. You can even create in-game connections with friends and other allies, strengthening your kingdom.