UFO Online is a tactical and strategic MMO game of humans vs aliens combat with both PvE and PvP gameplay modes. Since the aliens have landed, earth is descending into chaos. The skums destroy whole areas while searching for valuable resources. In the meantime the opposed factions of the human race are making use of the chaos and are continuing their own struggle for global dominance. In UFO Online, from an underground base, you as the leader of a resistance group can interfere and change the planet’s fate. Recruit experts for your strike force, battle aliens and humans and conquer important territories for your faction. May you do well!

UFO Online Key Features

Tactical Combat - Choose from 5 different character classes; the Rifleman, Tank, Scout, Sniper, and Medic await your orders. Lead them into turn based fights against either other players or the game's AI.

Social Features - Join one of the three player factions, and help your team take command. You can form alliances and use the in-game map to fight for total world domination!

All Your Base - Build a base to operate from, where you will amass resources, conduct research, train troops, and more. You can add to the base for more and more advanced options, like alien weapons research!