Ultimate Pirates offers a city builder/RTS in the golden age of piracy. Developed by Moonmana, the game offers plenty of action in the browser thanks to quick immersion, an attractive graphical style, a strong focus on strategy, and a delicious dollop of Caribbean flair.

Rough seas, Caribbean Islands and mountains of treasure! Once you've tasted plunderous success in the pirate life, there's no turning back.

Real-Time Multiplayer PVP

Intensive real-time sea battles demand strategic cunning when players bring their fleets to bear against one another.

Pirate Crews, Yo-Ho-Ho

Players around the world can band together in alliances to sink their enemies, plunder weapons and booty more effectively, and avenge raids on their comrades.

Sea Monsters and Scallywags

Bellicose pirate captains aren't the only danger. The inky depths are swarming with mythical creatures looking for a fight in PvE - just waiting for their next chunk of meat!

A Glorious Pirate Kingdom

Not a day goes by without naval battles or pirate raids. Fill your stores with booty and expand your pirate empire with ports, shipyards, buildings and streets.

Write Legends

Pirates earn notoriety through scandalous deeds and terrifying fleets. Ship captains earn experience and ships are equipped with weapons to deal more damage.