Uncharted Waters Online is a vast historical sandbox MMORPG set in the Age of Exploration, lasting from the 16th to mid-19th century. In this world, you are a captain in command of a sailing ship exploring ancient wonders, trading from Europe to East Asia, and engaging in epic naval battles. The gameplay in Uncharted Waters Online is deep, engaging, and flexible. If you'd like to experience a game where simple hack and slash will not get you far, a game where thinking, planning, and knowledge are the keys to succeed, then raise your sails and join us in this exciting world today!

Uncharted Waters Online Key Features

Choose Your Flag - Choose amongst Spain, England, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Venice. Each nation has their unique storyline and advantages! Choose wisely, defection is possible though not without cost.

Player-Driven Economy - Players may learn and use different production skills to build ships, make weapons, cannons, ship parts, food, cloth, and many other items in the game to sell to NPCs or other players for a profit.

Beautiful Vessels - UWO features over 100 different types of historical ships with authentically modeled details. From small caravels to big trading clippers, or light gunboats to first class ships of the line, each ship has its own realistic ship statistics and unique performance reflected in sail power, acceleration, speed, turn speed, sailors, guns, cargo, etc. Each ship can be improved with shipbuilding parts to reach its full potential.

Regular Expansions - UWO is being updated and receiving additional content every two months, so even if you have played before and it’s been a while, come back and see, you will certainly be impressed by the new features!

Vast Open World - Sail where you like, whenever you like! The world is your sandbox - no need to follow specific quest lines or progression paths through this vast map based on the real world. Visit over 180 bustling port cities and settlements on six continents, each with their own wares, people of interest, and secrets! Assist Mercator in charting and creation of the first world map!

Join Your Comrades - Join a company (guild) in the game, work together to make your dreams a reality and etch your name in the history books!