Undecima is a browser-based, multiplayer online strategy game where you can compete for dominance against other players, advancing through levels and gaining yourself fame and honor. You start in a small village, develop it to a big prosperous town, do a lot of upgrades and researches, advance through levels, on the final one capture a super powerful artifact, and if you can hold it for three days, the victory is yours. After a short break, Undecima is back and ready for players with more content, more gameplay, and more glory to win!

Undecima Key Features

No Premium Accounts - All players have access to the same game features, provided they simply obtain them in game.

More Dynamic Gameplay - Troops train faster, move more quickly on the map, and in general the pace of the game has increased.

Keep On Playing - When a player wins a game round, the others in the round continue to battle it out. Not being 1st place doesn't mean a loss.

Soul Mates - A unique player can be named your Soul Mate. You and your Soul Mate share victory; you also share defeat!

Build And Expand - Develop your Town from a small Village by building and upgrading military and civil buildings.

Be A Force To Be Reckoned With - Build a strong Army and gain the respect of your neighbors. Conquer Altars, plunder Bastions and raid Dungeons or Towns of other players.

Make Some Coin - Trade your resources and artifacts with other players or NPC merchants.

Use Your Knowledge - Research Blacksmith and Library upgrades improving the abilities of your troops.

Play It Your Way - Select one of four Town Classes (Might, Magic, Nature, or Faith) to train troops and build structures unique for this class.

The Hidden Power - Seize powerful Artifacts that will improve the abilities of your troops even more.

Believe Achieve - Unlock various Achievements and gain more fame and honor by taking the top positions in Weekly Rankings.

Rule Them All - Capture the Crown of Ultimate Power and claim yourself the true Ruler of the Undecima World. decide the strategy to rule them all