Underlight is a completely free to play roleplaying focused MMORPG set in a world of dreams, inhabited by "Dreamers" who have learned to overcome material boundaries. Every material reality, or "shard", is completely cut off from one another by an impassable boundary mist. One night your character has a special dream, and awakens to find themselves in the mystical city of Underlight. This city is inhabited by those people who have Awoken, and can thus pass through the shard boundary.

Within the city of Underlight your character can meet and interact with those from the other shards who have been able to achieve awakening. In this dreamworld, these awoken are able to do things which would never be possible in their home Shard; casting magic, performing superhuman feats, and so on. This dreamworld, however, is not without its share of dangers. Evil and dangerous creatures known as Nightmares roam the dream, attacking unsuspecting dreamers.

Underlight Key Features

Roleplay Focused - The purpose of Underlight isn't to pwn noobs, grind loot, or compete with other guilds in raids. Storytelling, interaction, and cooperative gameplay are key. Work together with other players to bring your characters and the world to life, and even to advance; all your new skills and spells must be learned from other players!

Choose Your Place - There are four different classes within Underlight; the tough and resilient Gatekeeper, the supportive Dreamseer, the controlling Fatesender, and the healing Soulmaster. Which path will you take? Once you've chosen a class, there is much to do; what will your goal be? What house will you ally with?

Wide Open World - Your dream is yours to direct. Will your character seek to explore and learn, or to fight against the nightmares? Will you join a guild and work together with other awakened? How will your character use this grand opportunity? Beware, however! The world of Underlight will grow and change in response to the actions of the players. Choose your actions carefully; their impacts may be far reaching!