Undermaster is a free to play browser strategy game, where players build their own subterranean dungeons and oversee the creatures who live there. Explore the labyrinthine world populated by trolls, vampires, warlocks, goblins and more. Take full advantage of their skills and manage your own monster dungeon, assigning tasks to your denizens and managing your resources. Can you manage your resources, your minions, and your dungeon, and prove that you possess the skills and foresight to become a true Undermaster?

Undermaster Key Features

Build, Expand, Decorate - Build an extensive dungeon by either moving into existing rooms or building new ones! You can decorate your dungeon rooms, and build special rooms for specific purposes! Your dungeon may eventually sprawl across several floors, becoming a true underground kingdom!

Socialize - Play with your friends, and invite them over to marvel at your lavishly decorated dungeon and throne room! Undermaster is filled with roleplaying and social opportunities!

Manage Your Minions - From a humble start with only a few imps, eventually your dungeon may attract more powerful residents such as vampires, warlocks, trolls, and demons. These new minions will unlock new options for you, and can increase the efficiency of your other units.

Manage Resources - A true strategy game, your minions also have needs; your vampires need blood, your goblins crave steaks! Can you manage their needs and claim the title of Undermaster?