United Football is a free to play browser based casual multiplayer 5-a-side online football game. United Football allows players to play in teams consisting entirely of other online human players and boasts a unique control system and viewpoint that puts the gamer right in the action. You feel like you’re right there; on the pitch; in the thick of it. The game is easy to play, but hard to master. There is plenty for the new players to do and lots for the older players to perfect! With the convenience of browser-based gameplay, the freedom of no contracts or subscriptions, and the fun of live online football, what are you waiting for?

United Football Highlights:

You're The Boss - Create and manage your own team and recruit other online players, or be scouted and signed up as a star player for another team!

Win It All - Earn UF$'s by playing in team games with your friends and use your winnings to unlock skills, moves, and other cool stuff.

Get In The Game - Play with and against other online players with a unique and dynamic 3rd person viewpoint! Train against bots and take the skills you learn to the field against real players.