UnnyWorld is a unique free to play space-fantasy game with both strategic and MOBA gameplay where you are placed in charge of your very own planet, and you may do with it as you wish! You are new here in space, but you're determined to make your mark. You land on a planet beset by enemies and dangers, and it falls to you to protect it! Then, you may develop the planet as you wish, but be sure to defend it against other players! Build defenses and structures to fight off would-be conquerors, or get in your own ship and attack their home planets. You can even enter the arena, and fight in challenging 3 vs 3 pvp matches! Space is in your hands; what do you plan to do with it?

UnnyWorld Key Features

Conquer Your Planet - You land on a planet and make it your own, but with this power comes responsibility. You must upgrade your planet, building structures and defenses to keep it safe. You can even hire monsters to fight to defend your homeworld for you.

Raid And Plunder - Climb into your magic ship, grab your trusty sword, and set off to raid other players' planets. Fight your way past their defenses and make their stuff into your stuff!

Get In The Ring - UnnyWorld features MOBA matches which place you into intense 3 vs. 3 pvp battles. With only three players on a side, teamwork and tactics are paramount. Create your guild and find allies. Become the best and lead your guild to victory and glory! There are even organized competitions and e-sports events!