In Untold Universe, players will be pioneers of a new universe, sent there with a simple goal: to colonize it and build flourishing settlements. The game focuses on the player freedom in the way he will live his new life and be part the community, by becoming a pilot, a trader, a settler, a miner or even a pirate. Following the sandbox philosophy, Untold Universe will not feature classes or character paths: the player will get better at what he does, should it be gathering resources, designing factories, spaceships and settlements or fighting with spaceships or ground weapons.

Untold Universe Key Features

Massively Multiplayer Sandbox - Play with people from all around the world, team up to be stronger and shape entire worlds all together!

Explore an Infinite Universe - Land on planets of different types, then explore and exploit them! New ones will be added as more players enter the universe.

Build and Trade your Designs - Gather resources and use them to build anything from factories to spaceships then sell or use them to your own benefit.

Choose your role - The game will not limit you to a particular skill. Want to be good at something? Just do it!

Jobs system - Colonizing worlds alone can be long and hard. Those who want to make quick cash and meet new people to work with will be able to take jobs generated by other players corporations. Defend assets, find a place to mine, build infrastructures, many jobs will be available to improve in your favorite field.