Uprising Empires is a free-to-play, browser-based online strategy game set in the years following 1280AD. Choose from one of four influential empires in the Middle East; side with The Kingdom of Jerusalem, The Byzantine Empire, The Turks, or The Mongolian Empire. Take up your rightful position young Warlord and begin to forge your destiny. Evolve your nation from barbarism to civilization and lead it to a prosperous future. History will remember the builders, conquerors, and leaders. The names of those swept aside by those conquerors will be forgotten. Will your name be remembered? The fate of your empire is in your hands!

Uprising Empires Key Features

Choose Your Civilization - You decide who you wish to lead to greatness. Can you lead the Monguls as well as the great Khan? Can you keep the Byzantine Empire from disappearing into history?

Build Your Legacy - Lead your people in peace and in wartime. A prospering civilization requires many things, from economics to trade to a strong military. Can you deliver it all?

Epic Strategic Gameplay - Lead your armies onto the battlefield and defend your people from your enemies. Or, expand at the expense of your neighbors, annexing their lands and people. To the victor go the spoils!