Uptasia is a free to play browser and mobile game that offers you an entertaining blend of hidden object game and business simulation, and is popular with players of all ages. From humble beginnings building and delivering bread rolls, you grow to build factories and all sorts of production facilities, solve hidden object games, and earn great bonuses. To keep your production sites in good shape, you also may mine the resources wood and stone. Uptasia has a 19th-century feel and graphical style, and delivers a unique take on both hidden object games and resource management sims.

Uptasia Key Features

Simple Gameplay - The principle of a hidden object game is to simply point and click! Inside the villa, you may solve hidden object games on a regular basis, and you've got 75 seconds to do so. Find a variety of objects hidden inside an image, and click them as fast as you can. Make sure to click as quickly and as precisely as you can! Every mistake counts against you.

Build Your Network - You start out baking simple bread rolls, but you're destined for larger things. You can go on to build factories and bakeries, flower shops and fruit orchards, and so much more. You can also upgrade your facilities with resources such as wood and stone, keeping your competitive edge.

Browser Convenience - Uptasia is a browser-based game, which means you can play anytime, from any computer's web browser; there are no downloads or installations required. As a free to play game, you're also not held back by contracts or agreements. Just sign in and have fun!