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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is a 2D Browser Based MMOTCG (Massively Multiplayer Online Trading Card Game) that allows you to face off against fighters from all over the world. Urban Rivals is free-to-play, and offers a similar gameplay experience to Yu-Gi-Oh or Wizard 101. Collect, evolve and train your fighters and leave your rivals in the dust as you become the world greatest champion! Step into the funnest streetfight of all time, and bring your best; your opponents are tough and mean business. You’ll need a sound strategic and tactical plan and more than a little bit of luck if you want to make it to the top!

Urban Rivals Key Features

Loads Of Fighters – More than 1,500 different characters are waiting for you to find them, recruit them, and train them! Every card in the game represents a unique character, and comes with unique tactical and gameplay options.

Build Your Deck – Choose from a wide batch of cards and fighters and build the best deck you can. You’ll need to balance tactical needs with a card’s star count; you cannot just fill your deck with nothing but the best, after all!

Tournaments, Events, And Missions – Loads of ways exist in Urban Rivals for you to take on a challenge. From simple missions to demanding events to the ultimate challenge, PvP tournaments, you’ll never lack for an opponent to face off against!

Urban Rivals

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