Utherous is a subscription based open world sandbox MMORPG that incorporates RTS building and NPC systems. Utherous is inspired by old-school MMOs and is set in a dynamic, player-driven living world. Players in Utherous can engage in whatever activities they wish, whether it be building an empire or mastering a craft. The world is constantly evolving, both in response to player actions, and simply on its own; NPC factions will grow and war with one another and even take over land if left unchecked. Of course, players are free to do the same, and more; explore, conquer, settle, build, destroy, create; Utherous is a true sandbox, and you are free to be you!

Utherous Key Features

Player Driven - The story, the development of the world, the political structures, the items and the economy are all player driven; every action has wider repercussions, every character is a potential king or queen!

Huge Unique World - Utherous features a vast world of high fantasy and steampower which is completely open and explorable. Players can take over tracts of land and build kingdoms and empires, managing resources much like they might in an RTS.

Deep Character Customization - Players can choose from over 20 different races and then advance in over 220 skills, advancing and growing exactly as the player chooses; character advancement is virtually limitless.

True MMORPG - Quests, Player vs Player combat, guilds, exploring, crafting and more! There is always more to learn, to explore, to do!