You've fought bravely in battle, but even now after the Valkyries have ferried your soul to the afterlife, Odin still has plans for you, young warrior.

Valheim is a fantastic Viking sandbox survival title from publishers Coffee Stain Studios and Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. In a stunning voxel-world filled with danger and opportunity, players are given little instruction aside from titbits of advice from ancient stones and Odin's raven - Hugin. Their ultimate goal is to rid the tenth Norse world of the bosses that plague its multitudinous biomes. Achieving that goal is no simple task; it requires a focus on survival, base-building, scavenging, crafting, upgrading, and training.

Fans praise this DIY set-up for forcing players to make the most of their autonomy and intuition. Clues hidden deep in forests will direct players across vast oceans, their longships fighting against the wind and stocked full of supplies to create a forward-operating base. To survive the afterlife, players must think smart, prepare, and only take the wisest of risks. In Valheim, a death in a far-off biome miles from your base can be a gruelling one. So tread carefully, pack well, build often, and enjoy this beautiful survivalist masterpiece.

Key Features:

Craft Majestic Structures - Valheim's Crafting and Building systems are world-class. Beyond building Norse forts and farms which will be beset by ravaging hoards, within months of release, players had gone to extraordinary lengths to replicate pop-culture builds such as the Millennium Falcon and Harry Potter's Great Hall.

Near-Endless Exploration - Valheim uses ingenious lighting, physics, weather effects, and scenery to create an immersive and lifelike sense of beauty. In each of Valheim's harsh biomes, a looming sense of mystery coupled with fearsome foes creates an atmosphere of wary adventure and foreboding that is as addictive as it fun.

Ingenious Mods - The creations of Valheim's community modders have received headline after headline, from World of Warcraft mods to magical Skyrim mods, it seems there are few limits on Valheim's creative potential.