Valiance Online is a free-to-play “living world” superhero MMORPG in which player choices and actions are paramount. Set at the end of the 21st Century in the fictional city of San Cielo, players take on the roles of heroes and villains who battle using superhuman powers and advanced technology. Imagine a world full of limitless scientific advancements, immense magical power, and the unfettered potential of the human body and mind. In this world, you choose; will you be a paragon, a hero who protects the people? Or will you be a tyrant, a supervillain, and focus all of your energies on destroying your enemies and ruling over the world? Or, perhaps, you're somewhere in between?

NOTE: As of August 10 2018, the website for Valiance Online has not had a news post or update since July of 2017. The game seems to be abandoned.

Valiance Online Key Features

Living World - Valiance Online features an open world which constantly responds to player choices, with no loading between zones, and even featuring player created content and a fully player run market. The choices are yours!

Customize Your Hero - From your costume, to superpowers you use to travel and fight, to how the powers themselves work, much about your character can be customized to create the perfect hero - or villain - for you!

Loads To Do - You are free to explore a huge world with over 25 diverse zones, ranging from futuristic cities and island fortresses to Atlantis and space! Will you fight for freedom and righteousness, will you settle down and open a store, will you choose another path?