Valnir Rok is an online sandbox survival roleplaying game inspired by Norse mythology, set in a world of wild animals, violent men, and mythical monsters. You must step into the shoes of a Viking warrior and be ready to do whatever you can to strengthen your clan, from cutting enemies down in brutal combat to helping build a new barn in the village. Get ready for a world of battles against enemy clans. Please the gods with offerings of artifacts, great deeds, and even sacrifices. In Valnir Rok, only the strong, the brave, and the shrewd have any hope of survival; are you strong, brave, and shrewd?

Valnir Rok Key Features

An Unknown Land - You awaken on a beach, half-naked and exhausted. Around you, corpses and timbers from your wrecked ship roll in the surf. What land is this? You may have survived the sea, but do you have what it takes to survive in this strange new world?

Might Makes Right - Battle against your enemies in intense and brutal combat. Cut your enemies down like grass, or place bounties on them, and let others do the cutting for you.

Make Your Way - Explore deserted villages and burnt ruins. Enter hidden caves and search for treasures. Accept dangerous quests to earn rewards and renown. You can even take a job as a bounty hunter.

Create And Improve - Craft useful tools and concoct potions which you can trade. Combine items and learn new recipes. Improve your skills until you become a master craftsman.

Build A Village - From a simple hut to a great mead hall, structures to help you and your clan must be built. Be prepared to protect what you create from others; they will take what they can, if they can.

Clan Battles - Fight against other clans in fearsome battles, and earn glory and renown. Conquer the enemy clan's banner and subdue them! Valnir Rok has no place for the weak.

The Gods Are Watching - The gods see everything you do, from heroic deeds to cowardly acts. You can make sacrifices at rune stones and other holy places, and earn boons - or consequences.