Vega Conflict is a free to play science fiction strategy game which puts you in command of an advanced faction fighting a war in space. Vega Conflict pits players against each other in an epic fight for survival in the black depths of outer space. Claim your own section of space and construct and upgrade facilities and units, then take on the universe. You must choose the types of ships you will commit to a given task with care. Many types of ships await, and each will fulfill a different role. Can you balance the varied needs of galactic conquest and carve out your own slice of space?

Vega Conflict Key Features

Choose Your Vessel - Build and customize over ten ships with different armor and weapons. The correct ship type for a given task will be the difference between victory and defeat.

Take What you Can - Battle the VEGA Federation and other Rogue Miners for control of valuable resources. Carve out your own hunk of space!

Go Head To Head - Engage in real-time player-vs-player combat against players from all around the world.

Loads To Do - Vega Conflict offers players a wide array of activities to engage in. Explore a huge universe, take on other players, or compete in monthly in-game events.