Victory: The Age of Racing is a free to play MMO Racing game currently being developed by VaeVictis and published by GamersFirst. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where following the collapse of civilization in 2012 the world only has one passion to unite them; racing. Drivers will build a car from the ground up and race with competitors from all over the globe.

With a wide variety of tracks, a deep customization system, advanced driving physics and the ability to connect and race with players all over the world; this is a cutting-edge racing game. Begin levelling your driver in order to purchase better parts for your car and compete against unique cars of the future in this adrenaline rush called Victory. What are you waiting for? Pick up your spanner and build the car of your dreams today!

Victory: The Age Of Racing Key Features

Customize Your Car - Racing cars in Victory can be User Generated: this gives the players an unprecedented level of freedom in choosing car blocks, parts, colors, decals and colorable shapes for their own customized car.

Multiple Control Options - You can choose between gamepad, keyboard, steering wheel or even the mouse as the primary control method.

Realistic Car Physics - Realistic physics specifically tuned to give an unprecedented car handling and an addictive racing experience. You can take advantage of improved driving assistance systems so you can experience the game the way you want!

Fun And Easy Multiplayer - Events, championships, daily races, a host of different game modes, a central server checks who's online and what he's doing, and more await. You will never lack for things to do.

Team Based Career Mode - Choose from different official teams and start your racing career. Each of the three car classes in the game has a dedicated World Championship where different racing teams are looking for the best driver: are you ready?