Victus is a browser and mobile based RTS which takes a history defying and quite comical approach to classical online strategy games. Victus provides answers to nagging questions like, what if the Great Pyramid of Rome stood next to the Colosseum... in Athens?! What if three of history’s greatest empires could meet at the peak of their power? What if a small independent studio in Bulgaria (yup, it’s a real country) decided to challenge large MMO producers with a kickass crowdfunded title that is actually both challenging and fun?

Maybe you’ll find the answers in Victus; Order the likes of Ramses, Julius Caesar, and Leonidas around, and remember; don't be offended by their language. All of them will swear, complain, and tell you they are better, but will occasionally offer a good advice. Use it to create the ultimate empire and prove your worth, and lead the Greeks, the Romans, or the Egyptians to world spanning, silly glory!

Victus Key Features

Rewrite History - Send the Romans to attack Thermopylae, let the Greeks attack the Pharaohs, or even lead the Egyptians to sack Rome. You choose how history unwinds!

Three Fun Factions - Rule with an iron fist as the Romans, spread democracy as the Greeks, or leave cats and cults in your wage as the Egyptians!

Immersive Combat - Terrain affects movement and unit effectiveness just as it does in real life; you must not only know which units to deploy, but where and when!

Wonderful Graphics - Powerful and fun graphics deepen the immersion! Experience the Ancient World like never before!

Cross Platform Play - For computer browser, iOS and Android, you can play anytime, anywhere, on your favorite device