Vigor Roads is a dynamic action MMO set in a post apocalyptic setting where chaos reigns, and mechanics fight battles with their Battle Cars! Pick a class of car, hire the best mechanics, and engage in combat with no rules, no restrictions, and no hitting the brakes! Every fight you compete in gives you the chance to improve your car, train your mechanics, learn special new skills and abilities, and trick your ride out with upgrades, special weapons, and more. Be prepared for anything, including taking the fight from your wheels to your feet; if your ride gets blown up, do your best to hijack a new one from the competition! Now get out there, and fang it!

NOTE: The website for Vigor Roads has not been updated since 2016. The game seems to be abandoned.

Vigor Roads Key Features

Build Your Dream Ride -Choose your class of car and then customize, tweak, and drive until you've got it just how you want it.

Chaotic Car Combat - Souped up cars with guns, harpoon launchers, and supercharged engines is what the game is all about. Build your ride, and lay waste to all challengers!

Many Modes - From free for all combat to circuit races, Vigor Roads offers loads of ways to put your driving skills to the test. From solo and group missions, to cargo escorts, to raiding for parts, you'll never lack for things to do!

Flexible Leveling - Upgrade your car, train your mechanics, and learn new skills and tricks. You can install upgrades from body and style kits to new weapons!