Vindictus Europe Xtreme Edition is an Action-MMORPG with hack and slash combat and realistic physics. As a prequel to Nexon's popular MMORPG Mabinogi, players may interact with the environment and use it against their enemies.Running on Valve's Source Engine the game allows players to destroy the environment and pick it up to be swung at a group of enemies.

Do away with the old targeting system of MMO's, in Vindictus wherever your weapon hits is what you do damage to. Work with friends to bring down tough raid bosses by tripping them up with large chains or throwing objects broken away from the environment to stun them. In Vindictus Europe Xtreme Edition, combat is brutal and unforgiving; so what are you waiting for Europe?

NOTE: This version of the game has been merged with its parent game, Vindictus.