Virtonomics is an online strategy game, based on real world economy, business, entrepreneurship and management principles. The purpose of the game is to create a profitable and competitive business. Each player receives a starting capital, which can be used to develop the virtual company according to their own unique scenario. Users choose their custom business aims, strategies and tactics. Virtonomics is a highly versatile game - just like in real life, individuals are able to venture in any industry: retail, technological, agricultural, industrial, political etc. Every business can be highly profitable - all it takes is knowledge and determination to pursue one’s goals.

The use of gamification to engage users in solving various problems, has been utilised by businesses and various educational institutions all around the world. Various business simulations have been crafted to assist and assess employees and students. The vast majority of the worlds largest businesses and universities have already deployed or will be deploying gamified applications very soon.

Virtonomics has the unique edge - our virtual economy is fully controlled by it’s users. All the actions and interactions inside the game are made with and by real people. During the gameplay, players learn to communicate, improve their teamwork capabilities and get better at their jobs and studies.

Virtonomics Key Features

Huge Community - Become part of a million+ user community, and play with people from all around the world.

Trade, Science, Politics, Etc. - Delve into many areas of endeavor, from business investments to research firms.

Learn The Secrets - As you play, you'll learn the ropes. Learn communication, speculation, and improve your skills.