Virtonomics Entrepreneur is a browser-based MMO business simulation game that lets players learn what opening your own small business is really like. In addition to being an MMO where you can play with friends, chat, wage economic war on rivals, and much more, Virtonomics Entrepreneur also actually teaches you to be successful as a business owner. Learn practical skills that you can apply in real world entrepreneurial enterprises. Reduce the risk of committing the common business mistakes that doom most start-ups. Learn how to get over your fears and enter the world of business successfully! If you're a fan of business sims for pleasure or for education, Virtonomics Entrepreneur might be a game for you.

Virtonomics Entrepreneur Key Features

Learn The Ropes - 75% of startups fail due to a number of common mistakes. You do not have to be one of them! Learn how to actually run a small business successfully, and how to get over the jitters most would-be business owners experience.

Create Your Business - In the game, you create your company from the ground up, manage all the key business processes and resources, compete with a lot of real live competitors – everything is like in real business. Have fun!

Play With Others - Just like in real-world business, you will have competitors and investors, suppliers and shippers. From just chatting with friends to launching all-out sabotage attacks on your rivals, the world of business is nothing if not multiplayer!